Since 1992 we are partners of the sweet ART

Robert Oppeneder one of the most creative and successful pastry chefs of today.

For a period of years he was himself Head Confectioner with Eckart Witzigmann, the Aubergine Restaurant in Munich, Master Pastry Chef in international Hotels such as the Palace Gstaad, Kowloon Shangri-la in Hong Kong and Park Hilton Munich.

Gold medal winner at several international culinary art exhibitions.
(1988–1990) Member of the Hong Kong National Cookery Team as Pastry Chef.
(1992) Founding of the Robert Oppeneder School of Decor and Confectionery Art.
(1995) Author of the book “Einfach Schokolade – Simply Chocolate”, published by the author.
(1997) Publication of the new monthly magazine ”sweet ART“.
(2000) Founder and organisator of the pastry event“Pastry Olympics”.
(2002) Founder and organisator of the pastry event“Pastry of the Year”.
(2002) publication of the new desser book Dessert ART.
(2005) Board member in the German Cooks’ Association (VKD) and Chairman of the German Culinary Committee.
(2006) Member of the WACS Culinary Committee.
(2008) Professional Exam as Chef.
(2008) Chairman of the WACS Culinary Competition Committee.
(2009) Vicepresident of the German Cooks’ Association (VKD).
(2010) President of the German Cooks’ Association (VKD).
(2016) Gast referent on the Universität of Malta (Tourism, Travel and Culture).
(2017) Gast referent on the Universität of Malta (Tourism, Travel and Culture).

Champion and World Champion, which are to be inspired for advice and new ideas with Robert Oppeneder. Thus, some took intensive training in this claim and reached with the help of Robert Oppeneder the following titles:
Ludwig Riedmair from Munich, Junior World Champion forpastry with the German youth national culinary team,
Jens Gradel from Dresden, Junior Vice World Champion of Pastry,
Jens Gradel from Dresden, Junior World Champion for the confectionery category parfait, ice cream and ice cream,
Andrea Huber from Munich, Bavarian and German Apprentice winner
and many other young colleagues to take this opportunity for contests or upcoming master exams.

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Press Release:
Star chef and TV confectioner Robert Oppeneder has a vast experience within the catering industry. His skills and depth of knowledge is available through his sweet ART company, which is a global training centre of excellence for pastry chefs, confectioners and kitchen chefs. Robert Oppeneder continues to set trends and create new and innovative ideas. He has travelled worldwide as an expert in his profession and holds permanent guest seminars in Germany, Austria Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa and Turkey.

Numerous newspaper articles documenting the versatile art of Robert Oppeneder / sweet Art.

Also in numerous TV shows such as

- ZDF: Terra X Die Geschichte des Essens, (The History of Food) with Christian Rach
- Kabeleins: Abenteuer Leben- täglich wissen
- SWR: Kochkunst, mit Vincent Klink
- Pro Sieben: in den Sendungen Gallileo
- MDR: mit Kathrin Huß im Cafe Trend

is the star pastry chef, a sought-after guest.

Robert Oppeneder with his mentor Eckart Witzigmann during a joint lunch at the restaurant
L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges in Lyon with Paul Bocuse

General Audience the Holy Father Pope Franciskus
(Photo Copyright: Servicio Fotografio de “L’O.R.” 00120 Citta del Vaticano)

Christian Rach with Robert Oppeneder for sugar bubbles and sugar coated
For the broadcast "Terra X" on ZDF.

Axel Schulz with Robert Oppeneder the Culinary boxing match