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Organic sourdough, extract
Organic sourdough extract, dosage 10 g for 1 kg flour

Info about the product:
Sourdough extract is used for the production of various baked goods. The yeast is fermented by the lactic acid bacteria. The carbon dioxide produced in the process loosens the dough well. The sourdough extract makes rye dough bakeable. The sourdough extract also improves the digestibility of the baked goods. Aroma, shelf life and taste are also improved accordingly.
Sourdough is of particular importance when using rye flour. While pure yeast can also be used for wheat flour, the addition of acid is necessary when using rye flour so that the bread does not stay flat. The lactic acid bacteria in the sourdough produce this in shape.
This organic sourdough extract is made on the basis of rye flour.
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