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Organic Wheat Kamut 1 kg
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Port wine Quinta do Javali L.B.V. 2013
RRP 28,80 EUR
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35,73 EUR per litre
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Simssee Gin (Germany)
RRP 28,80 EUR
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70,86 EUR per litre
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Cupcakes paper cup 60 pieces, Halloween
RRP 2,40 EUR
Only 2,20 EUR
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sweetART – your online specialist for patisserie and baking supplies.

Would you like to learn the art of making chocolate truffles, chocolate shells and ganache fillings for moulded chocolate pralines? Or surprise your guests or customers with homemade plated desserts and beautifully decorated cakes?

In our online store, you will find a carefully selected variety of baking supplies and cake decorating equipment. We stock high-quality ingredients like sugarpaste / fondant, marzipan, and couverture chocolate as well as flour and grains for the artisan home baker. With our Isomalt cake decor, chocolate transfer sheets, and edible food sprays you will create gourmet products of exceptional quality, whether you are a home chef or a pastry chef. And earn bonus points for seminars.

Develop your skills in a wide range of master classes, courses and seminars, suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. In our state of the art kitchen we offer thoroughly prepared training for private and commercial customers.

We are teaching the most up to date and on-trend techniques for creating pralines, macarons, petit fours, desserts to go, and desserts with herbs and vegetables. Master the art of modelling chocolate showpieces and handcrafted sugar flowers, or round off your professional portfolio with the skill of sugar pulling and sugar blowing.

In our sweetPedia you can find tips, techniques, and step by step guides with photos and videos. Moreover, you can browse through recipes, look up specific terminology, and follow our blog.

Or with our sweetART gift voucher you can make a special treat to your friends.

We look forward to welcoming you to our pastry online shop or to our training master classes in Unterschleissheim near Munich.

Your team at sweetART