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Sugar dough tartlets medium rectangle 27 pcs. - choco
RRP 17,40 EUR
Only 15,80 EUR
36,74 EUR per kg
Shippingtime: available
Sugar dough tartlets medium rectangle 162 pcs. - choco
RRP 99,80 EUR
Only 88,80 EUR
41,30 EUR per kg
Shippingtime: available
400 ml Cocoa Sky-Butter Velvet Spray blue
RRP 24,90 EUR
Only 18,80 EUR
47,00 EUR per litre
Shippingtime: available
sweetART – your online specialist for patisserie and baking supplies.

Would you like to make truffles with chocolate half-shellsorhollow truffle shells or pamper your guests with ready-baked shortcrust pastry tartlets?
Or surprise your guests with artistically decorated desserts, sweets, cakes and pies?
With sweetART you have the right partner at your side for baking and decorating. You can also enjoy many of our products in organic quality.
In our online shop you will find a carefully selected variety of baking supplies and baking equipment. We carry high-quality baking ingredients such as sugar paste, royal icing, marzipan, nougat plaine paste, couverture, chocolate, as well as flour and grains for baking bread. With a great cake decor made of isomalt, edible food spray or glitter food colors, you will be able to create exquisite desserts.
A glass of port wine, ice wine or dessert wine to go with it? Enjoy our organic gin, organic whiskey or organic rum. Also available, other spirits and schnapps with particularly fine aromas.
We offer demanding and professional training in creative courses and seminars for confectioners, bakers, pastry chefs, hobby bakers and cake artists.
Attend one of our advanced training courses and get an excellent insight into the contemporary production of pralines, macaronsglass desserts or plated desserts with vegetables and herbs, sweetART and cake.
Learn the art of creative sugar pulling, sugar blowingor sugar artistry or the modelling of marzipan figures, chocolate showpieces and sugar blossoms as a highlight for your professional career.
Tips, tricks, instructionsand photos can be found on our sweetPEDIA page, our recipe database. You can browse through a selection of delicious recipes or look up technical terms.
With a sweetART gift voucher you give the recipient a very special treat, so you can put a smile on anyone's face.
We look forward to welcoming you to our pastry online shop or to one of our training courses in Unterschleissheim near Munich.
Your sweetART team