Ice Spray / Food Lacquer

Food ice cooler at sweetART
Food lacquer, edible 250 ml
ood lacquer / shell acquer.

For spraying marzipan, chocolate for a very nice shiny surface. Best suited for sugar showpieces to protect them from moisture and rapid crystallization. Very popular due to its brightness.
23,90 EUR
95,60 EUR per litre
Ice cooler spray for food - not flammable - 400 ml
Ice spray (Aerosole) 468 g

A cooling spray is non-flammable and leaves absolutely no residue / stains on the sprayed products. Spray cold of -50 ° C

For bonding and fixing of chocolate and sugar in desserts, decor, or showpieces. Food safe. Ideal for bonding ice figures.
19,99 EUR
49,98 EUR per litre
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