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Glitter Perl Spray Silver 
 Glitter Perl Spray Silver 

Tip: Very modern now is to spray the plate edges with the spray. Also sprinkled herbs, fruits, berries obtained from the serving of desserts, obtain an incredible effect. 

information for this product: 
box 250 ml, azo-free, anti-caking agent E555, coloring agent: E171, raising agent: GPL.
17,90 EUR
Silver Glitter / Perl Powder 
 Silver Glitter / Perl Powder 

Product info: 
Tin 25 g, azo-free, anti caking agent E555, Colours: E171.
13,99 EUR
Silver in a pump spray - 10 g glitter powder
Silver glitter powder in a pump spray

Product information:
Pump spray bottle 10 g, azo free, food colour: E171 (gluten free)
Allergens: May contain traces of milk, sulfites, soy and hazelnuts.
May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
4,99 EUR
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