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Grain Flaker Flocino von KoMo
Household size 1-2 pesons

Fresh flakes in an instant. For cooking and baking, for cereals and for everything that needs decoration. The Flocino squeezes cereal flakes for daily use with bevelled rollers and great ease and therefore finds many fans in kindergartens. The flake thickness is adjustable. The table model is equipped with a funnel made of white plastic and a funnel lid made of solid beech. Thanks to the sophisticated roller mechanism, a short crank radius of only 17 cm is sufficient. This is how the Flocino fits into even the smallest kitchen. Matching screw clamps are included.

Info about the product:
Hopper filling amount approx. 200 g
Height 24.5, width 9.3 x 12 cm
Weight 1.7 kg
Headroom 8 cm
Grindstone diameter 80 mm (corundum ceramic)
Housing made of wood and plastic
Quality from Austria
139,00 EUR
Grain mill Fidibus XL from KoMo
For a household size of 5+ persons
With its 600-watt industrial engine and a hopper that holds 1.2 kilograms of grain, this extraordinary mill is twice as fast as its smaller siblings. In just 7 minutes it gives you an output of enough flour for two loaves of bread. A reliable partner when it comes to the full range of materials to be ground, continuous utilization and high capacity and power.

Info about the product:
Hopper capacity 1200 g (wheat grain)
600 watts, 220 volts
Height 36.5 cm, width 16.5 x 16.5 cm
Weight 9 kg
Headroom for glass / bowl 16 cm
Grindstone diameter 85 mm (corundum ceramic)
Volume about 72 db
Case made of beech treated with orgnic oil.
Quality made in Austria

This device has the certificate TÜV GS - tested for safety.
459,00 EUR
Grain mill & flaker Duett 100 from KoMo
Household size 3-5 people
Everything goes hand in hand: freshly ground and flaked.

The designer masterpiece is simply an all-rounder: two drives that are optimally adjusted and work independently of each other, even at the same time. So the day can start: fresh flakes in the morning, fine flour for lunch at noon and freshly crushed poppy seeds for the cake. In the Duett 100, the solid Fidibus Classic and the low-noise Flocman have a loose, fluffy, lasting bond. The delivery is made with a matching shell.

Info about the product:
Funnel fill quantity for wheat approx. 1200 g
360 watts, 220 volts
Height 40.5 cm, width 22 x 33.2 cm
Weight 15.5 kg
Headroom for glass / bowl 18 cm
Grindstone diameter 85 mm (corundum ceramic)
Volume about 70 db
Case made of beech treated with biofuel oil.

This device has the certificate TÜV GS - tested safety.
639,00 EUR
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