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Buch Einfach Schokolade / Simply Chocolate
The comprehensive guide to chocolate showpieces by Robert Oppeneder 
The book "Einfach Schokolade / Chocolate Simple" informs the reader about all the details of the manufacture of chocolate showpieces. Other theme include ide history of chocolate, the right tempering of chocolate, working with modeling clay, construction of showpieces, spraying, cocoa painting and much more. It is written in German and English, includes numerous step-by-step photos and easy to understand. A great book

9,71 EUR
Marzipan Art book
 Lubinger Hannes, who is considered one of the most creative and most advanced modeler the present time, developed this comprehensive textbook for the friends of marzipan modeling. 
 The book contains numerous color illustrations and step-by-step photos. It shows a variety of modeling techniques, color make-up techniques and instructions for marzipan toppers. Every lover of marzipan art will find a suitable object for modeling. An absolute must for any creative confectioner and pastry chef! A great book. 

62,80 EUR
Dessert ART by Robert Oppeneder
Robert Oppeneder, Master of Patisserie
Based on 20 years of practical experience as an instructor of various courses Patisserie, is this long-awaited book, written in German and English, with his unique creations and proven techniques all previous dessert books in the shade.
67,71 EUR
Sugar & Pastillage
 Ewald Notter, he is a true master of his craft, won countless awards, a renowned teacher and experienced author, beyond - and standing above it all - a passionate artist, his Passion has found in working with sugar. In this, recently published in English book, he has all his skill captured on paper. Notter first provides an overview of working with sugar and isomalt and explains what equipment and ingredients are necessary. In Chapters pastillage, sugar pour, blow and draw, he shows in detail the production of flowers and special characters. In addition, he also extensively deals with topics such as trends or the production of exceptional showpieces for competitions. Templates in the appendix of the book facilitate the work and, together with the numerous step-by-step illustrations of each step and the author hand-drawn illustrations, it succeeds the ambitious pastry chef or aspiring sugar artists, Ewald Notters expertise and dexterity in their own bakery to pick. 

68,59 EUR
Element of Desserts
Element of Desserts, a very interesting reference book for every pastry chef and chefs. The world-famous Pastry Chef Francisco Migoya J. transports you into the world of flavors and ingredients and techniques for exciting, innovative desserts. At the beginning he explains techniques, preparations, components, basic knowledge about taste and texture as well as the basis for the compilation of desserts. Following is Migoya more than 200 extraordinary recipes and recipe variations before, divided into chapters pre-desserts, desserts, buffet desserts, desserts from the tray, Entremets and petits fours. 

68,59 EUR
Ice Manufacturing
 Creamy sweet vanilla ice cream, crisp fresh Stracciatella or velvety chocolate tart - with these words, which probably makes every mouth water. However, to achieve a perfect product, a solid basic knowledge is required in the first place. The renowned author Uwe Koch is in his book "Eismanufaktur - basics, recipes, marketing," an overview of the full range of ice cream manufacturing, from basics such as the Guidelines of the German Ice regulation via different ingredients and flavor ingredients, the Account for of ice cream recipes, but also the technical equipment and hygiene regulations. The core of the book, however, are the 150 recipes. They include everything that makes the heart beat of every Eisliebhabers higher: sherbet and sorbet, ice milk, cream ice, lactose-free ice cream, herbs and Gemüseeis, infuser lets variants and also soft ice cream. In addition, recipes for Marmorierer, toppings, shakes, waffles and ice cream desserts and pies are presented. In the production of all these products no convenience foods, dyes, emulsifiers or vegetable fats are used. Completed by the subjects Eisbechergestaltung, Eisvermarktung and economic aspects of Eisgeschäftes is the book a comprehensive compendium that should never minded and intent on quality ice maker missing. 

68,59 EUR
PH10 Pierre Herme
 PH10, the book by Pierre Hermé, shows his art in a completeness that did not exist before: pies, cakes, pastries, desserts, ice cream, macarons, fruit jellies ... So are his legendary creations as Ispahan, vanilla millefeuille, Opera or Mahogany contain just as natural as the wide range of his lesser-known creations - no wonder, as hundreds of recipes are combined in this book. Pierre Hermé loves to surprise, to combine textures and flavors that were considered incompatible to serve with Hot and Cold himself "tired" wake up your taste buds with it. The aesthetics of his creations is characterized by clarity and simplicity. So it is simply unthinkable to offer its Opera as a round cake, because she was always rectangular. Pierre Hermés art is world renowned. When he was referred to as "Picasso of pastry" or "Dior Sweet Art", it shows that what a commanding position it occupies in the industry and how it has shaped the pastry shop / patisserie. A book that redound each pastry, pastry chef and home bakers to the Bible and the offspring may explain the view of the possibilities of this beautiful profession. 

136,40 EUR
Handwerk Schokolade
 multiple awards for his skill in dealing with chocolate and sugar, it is a master pastry chef Ewald Notter succeeded with this wonderful book to put together a concise and informative textbook for aspiring professionals and avid chocolate lovers . In the introductory part of the expert gives further facts about the history and properties of chocolate and presents important ingredients as well as the equipment needed when working with chocolate. Basic techniques such as the tempering of chocolate or the caramelization of nuts are explained and then applied in several chapters for easier production of chocolates with various fillings and deepened. The third part of the book is dedicated to the production of impressive showpieces and chocolate sculptures, with hints for successful color combination, to determine the right priorities to stabilize the sculpture and not least with gorgeous photos of Notters spectacular art works made ​​of chocolate. 

68,59 EUR
sweet Wedding
 The result can only be a book that makes the hearts of all wedding enthusiasts higher in every respect! Bernd Sieferts latest work is chock full of recipes, techniques and inspirations, so it is a breeze for every pastry chef to prepare the most beautiful day of her life to its customers. They range from cakes with degrees of difficulty from simple to complex, international classics, which are becoming more and more popular in Germany, to small specials such as chocolates in shape gemstone, mini-tart or sweet table decorations. The special is the loving designs are by Bernd Sieferts cakes to the most beautiful wedding cakes in the world. Many decorative techniques and different styles, such as the English inspired floral decorations, sugar decoration in Versace style or the white-covered cake with satin ribbon, offering countless possible combinations and inspirations. "Sweet Wedding" leaves nothing to be desired, always on the move with the times and thus guarantees the wow factor to any wedding table. Also for this book Bernd Siefert has the food photographer Matthias Hoffmann brought on board - its unparalleled aesthetic images do the rest to make "Sweet Wedding" a pearl of Culinary Arts 

68,59 EUR
Süße Dekore
 Pastry World Champion Andrea Schirmaier-Huber shows in this book the whole range of beautiful designs for all kinds of baked treats 

What is a cake or a Petit Four without a beautiful ornament? Pastry World Champion Andrea Schirmaier-Huber shows in this book the whole range of beautiful designs for all kinds of baked goodies. From chocolate marzipan and royal icing, to special techniques like stencil art and geföhnte decors. Using numerous step-by-step pictures the production of marzipan flowers and cake edges is explained clearly. From simple to complex to Rose Marzipan figure this book covers the whole spectrum of sweet craftsmanship. Let yourself be inspired by this loving decoration ideas and make a simple cake is a work of art. 

68,59 EUR
60 new recipes for ganache chocolates, truffles, liqueur chocolates, pralines, nut pralines, etc.

Ganache chocolates, truffles, liqueur chocolates, pralines, nut chocolates ...
The range of enjoyment is very diverse and hardly anyone knows it better than Jean-Pierre Wybauw. In his new book "Chocolates" he has come up with 60 new recipes for specialties such as pistachio cubes, honey ganache with anise, strawberry and cinnamon duo and apricot and basil truffle that will make every chocolatier's heart beat faster. Accurate and well-understood knowledge of ingredients such as sugar and fat, techniques and master recipes makes this book a resource of ideas, but also a useful reference book for professionals.
73,50 EUR
Saisonale Kreationen für Konditorei, Confisserie und Bäckerei
 Seasonal creations are a real looker and revenue generator in pastry, confectionery and bakery, as the seasonally changing range of exclusive creations delighted customers 

David Schmid, grew up in a renowned Swiss Bakery Confectionery, European and world champion of confectioners and bakers-chief of Confectionary department of Schmid AG Beck know this from personal experience. His wonderful edible works of art are not created on the drawing board - he produced it for its own operation, ie for selling. It is often inconceivable that the delicate, humorous and exclusive delicacies are eaten. 

78,41 EUR
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