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Olive Oil extra virgin 1 lt from Italy
Why this olive oil?
This distinctive extra virgin olive oil is characterized by many factors. Through the sunny climate, through the special clay soil and the excellent Mediterranean salty air. It comes to 100% from the Puglia region, about Monopoly. The small manufacturer Community guarantees that no foreign olives and only the ripe olives are used by the tree or network. There are those with processed were already on the ground no foreign olives from other regions and no olive. Furthermore guaranteed and tested by sweet ART that is also mixed later when filling with any foreign oil.

1 lt can with pull screw cap.

100% olive oil from Puglia, limited quantity.
13,64 EUR
13,64 EUR per litre
Lemon Caviar - fruit jam 106 g
Caviar limes, a native of Australia fruit, have a slightly sour, slightly sweet taste, which provides a very versatile citrus flavor. These finger limes are also often referred to as vegan caviar. The inside of the fruit can be squeezed out of the sliced ​​lime and looks like glassy caviar.
The lime caviar is a delicacy and is appreciated by top chefs around the world for its delicious tangy lime flavor. The fruit is about 8 cm long, is rich in folic acid, vitamin E and potassium. Caviar limes contain three times as much vitamin C than oranges.
RRP 15,69 EUR
Only 12,90 EUR
12,17 EUR per 100 gr
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